EDSS – Class 3

Based on photo by dhester from morgueFile.com
Based on photo by dhester from morgueFile.com

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EDSS is a combination of Create an Extensible Document (ICPMM491D) and Create an Extensible Style Sheet (ICPMM492D). This class is a cluster of the two units, that will be delivered together.


In today’s class you will do more JavaScript research by using W3Schools:

Read up on HTML on W3Schools

Read up on JavaScript on W3Schools

JavaScript - F.Viola
JavaScript – F.Viola

Today’s Class

Use the JavaScript section on W3Schools to 1.research and 2.document the points below.

You can document your research and definitions in a Word document. Use this template >JavaScript Documentation2  or create your own!

  • Describe what a Variable is in JavaScript terms. Give an example when you could use a variable.
  • Define Data Types in JavaScript! W3Schools refers to 7 Data Types.
  • Define Objects in JavaScript!
  • What are Comparisons and what are they used for!
  • What are Functions and what do they do?
  • Describe Loops!
  • What types of Loops are there and what are they used for?
  • Research examples for JavaScript use! List a 10+ uses and describe what the JavaScript does. >30 Brilliant Examples of JavaScript Use
  • What is JQuery and what does it do?
  • Try a JQuery Effect in the TryIt Editor, eg jQuery slideToggle(). Change some elements, eg text. Describe what it does. Do you like it?

W3Schools > We will use W3Schools when learning about the Markup languages.

Note: Your comments and feedback are as always welcome. Please leave additional information for other users. Thanks!


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