Based on photo by dhester from
Based on photo by dhester from

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EDSS is a combination of Create an Extensible Document (ICPMM491D) and Create an Extensible Style Sheet (ICPMM492D). This class is a cluster of the two units, that will be delivered together.


In today’s class you will learn about XML.

Today’s Class

Use the XML section on W3Schools and/or Tizag to 1.research and 2.document the points below.

Please document your XML research by  answering all questions in the document:>Class 4 – XML Documentation. Upload the completed document to MyKangan!

List of Questions/ Tasks

These questions can be found in the attached Word File.

  1. For what purpose was XML created?  Link: W3Schools – Home
  2. List some of the uses and benefits of XML!  Link: W3Schools – How canXML be used?
  3. XML documents are quite sensitive and the syntax (arrangement of words) must be followed exactly.
    Describe XML syntax:  what does it need to include and what is the structure?  Link:W3Schools – XML Tree Link:W3Schools – Syntax Rules
  4. What is an XML element and what may it contain? Link: W3Schools – XML Elements
  5. What are attributes? Give an example of the syntax (how it is used in XML). Link: W3Schools – XML Attributes
  6. What advice is given in regards to using attributes and elements in XML? What does the writer say about storing meta data and  storing data? Link:W3Schools – XML Attributes
  7. Define ‘Well Formed’ XML document and paste the example supplied on W3Schools! Link: W3Schools – Validation
  8. Define ‘Valid’ XML document and paste the example supplied on W3Schools! (Use previous link)
  9. What is the difference between a Well Formed and a Valid XML document?  (Use previous link)
  10. What does DTD stand for? What is its purpose? Paste the example of a DTD used on W3Schools.  Link: W3Schools – Validation    Link: W3Schools –Introduction to DTD
  11. W3Schools has a validator for XML. What does a validator do? Find other online or downloadable validators and provide links. Link:W3Schools -Validator
  12. View how CSS can be used to display XML. Explain what the CSS does by using an element and describing the outcome. Use the code provided at the link and a screen shot of the outcome. Link:W3Schools – XML with CSS
  13. What is XSLT? What does it do? Link:W3Schools – XML and XLST
  14. Imagine that you have an online shop and you need to adjust the prices. Use the supplied link and adjust the prices as this: Belgian Waffles:$ 4.95, Strawberry Belgian Waffles:$ 8.95, Berry-Belgian Waffles (SPECIAL):$ 7.95, French Toast $5,95, Homestyle Breakfast – $8.95
    Insert the XML code in the blue box! Link:W3Schools – TryIt Editor XML/CSS

W3Schools > We will use W3Schools when learning about the Markup languages.

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