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Based on photo by dhester from

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Welcome to your first class of EDSS, which is a combination of Create an Extensible Document (ICPMM491D) and Create an Extensible Style Sheet (ICPMM492D).

This class is a cluster of the two units, that will be delivered together.

Create an Extensible Document

… requires the individual to create an extensible markup language (XML/PPML)
document for content publishing that is well-formed, free of errors, meets the needs of the
business and is extensible to meet future business needs.

In more detail, you will learn to:

  1. Define document structure
    > details required for the job are checked and confirmed against the job specifications
    > mark-up language version and the character encoding used in the document (or declaration statement) are defined and/or inserted in the document
    > an external or internal Document Type Definition (DTD) or mark-up language schema is chosen and correctly wrapped and referenced depending on project requirements
    > root element is correctly defined and all elements are accurately nested
    > attribute types and default values are declared, where necessary
    > occurrences of elements are stated and elements of mixed content declared
  2. Confirm validity
    > start and end tags are included and closed to ensure no element errors
    > namespaces are used to resolve name conflicts
    > the document is well-formed, error-free and conforms to the mark-up language syntax rules
    > the document conforms to the rules of a Document Type Definition (DTD) or the mark-up language schema
  3. Finalise and test document
    > character data (CDATA) sections are added to the document structure
    > the final document is viewed with a mark-up language parser
    > the mark-up language document is well-formed, free of errors and meets the needs of the business
    > the document is linked to an extensible style sheet and template and tested
    > the document is extensible to meet future business needs

Create an Extensible Style Sheet

… requires the individual to create extensible style sheets for electronic publishing or online documents including computer screens and handheld devices.

In more detail, you will learn to:

  1. Prepare the source document:
    > by validating it as free of errors,
    > by confirming the style and transformation requirements of the source document,
    > by confirming the required advanced styling requirements,
    by confirming the different media, display formats and target audience
    > preferred platforms and abilities
    > by preparing the source document for the style sheet
  2. Create the style sheet:
    > design multiple templates and apply them to the style
    > use the required presentation styles
    > incorporate transformation requirements into several style sheets
    > link or associate the style sheet with the source document
    > test the link
  3. Test the style sheet:
    > validate style sheets are to ensure correct presentation and transformation
    > update the style sheet is if errors occur and validate again
    > link the style sheet to a data-store and to a digital template and test
    > make the style sheet extensible to meet future business needs


There will be 2 assignments, for each you will have to

  • create an extensible mark-up language document, that is well formed, free of errors, meet the needs of the business and is extensible to meet future business needs.
  • create extensible style sheets for online documents or electronic publishing
  • create a testing method (eg a flow chart).

Direct questioning and in-class participation will be included as a form of validation. If you participate well in class it will make it easier for me to mark you as competent.

In-class Task:

Research the acronyms below! You can present your findings as a table.

  1. What does the acronym stands for?
  2. What does it mean, or do or what is the function?
  3. Find an example of coding or document structure and copy or screen print it!


For in-class discussion and submit your document on MyKangan (available by next class).

W3Schools > We will use W3Schools when learning about the Markup languages.