Based on photo by hotblack from
Based on photo by hotblack from

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  • We will commence the class by looking at the 5 contingency plan examples out of your own life (task from last class) and comparing them in class.
  • Next you will receive Assessment Task 1.
  • We will have a guest speaker: Sangeeta Alex. Manager of Customer Relations and Student Services

Personal Contingency Plans

Share your five plans with the other students. If in class share all your 5 examples, if online please submit your example as a comment.

Undo is not often an option in the real world... F.Viola
Undo is not often an option in the real world… F.Viola

Assessment 1

This assessment is due in 2 weeks. You do not need to make the answers up, you can ask experts and get them to supply you with the answers – it is a research assessment.

Assessment 1

Guest Speaker

Sangeeta Alex is a Manager at Kangan Institute. She is so kind to share some of her knowledge on how to implement operational plans and how to create KPIs. It is a great opportunity to ask her questions. So, try to get as much information of her and use the time well.