Good Morning! Photo: wallyir, from:
Good Morning! Photo: wallyir, from:

Good morning Aylin, Blaine, Adrian, Lewis, Tom, Rached, Timothy, Dean, Tyler, Jordan, Jennifer, Daniel and Luke.

And a big welcome back to Liam, Esma, Robert, Sue and Michelle!!! It is nice to have you back…

Today we will focus on

  • Taking digital photos of textures
  • Taking a portrait of each other
  • Editing the images in Photoshop


Preparation: we will all go to the p.ic blog and read the Photography Tutorial.

Next we willteam up and then see how many cameras we will have between each other. If you have a good quality mobile, you can use that to take the pictures. Otherwise you will be able to use a digital camera provided by the library.

Take 2 photos of each team member.

Take 5 pictures of each type of texture (see p.ic tutorial)

Photoshop Work

We will next combine the texture with your photo in Photoshop and apply some of the skills, that you have learnt over the past weeks.

Save your final work on your USB as a PNG.