Inspired by photos by emlyn and clarita from
Inspired by photos by emlyn and clarita from

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Task – User Centred Design

Today we will focus on UCD or User Centred Design. UCD is also called Human Centred Design and is a way of designing interfaces and websites in general that places the user in the centre of all design efforts.

Please read the excellent text from W3C – Web Accessability Initiative and create a list of points (like a check list) that you can use to check if you have made the GUI user centred.

Assignment 1

I will check each student’s work for Assignment 1 (GUI Workshop) and provide feedback in class.

Please ensure to keep working on your assignment.

Good morning Jennifer, Aylin, Blaine, Adrian, Lewis, Tom, Timothy, Dean, Tyler, Jordan, Daniel and Luke! I hope you are all well and enjoyed the Mindmap on Software!

Hang on… did I forget someone… of cause… welcome Sue and Simon…

and, hang on, help me out here Jennifer, who did I not mention???

Oh, no: how are you Rached!!!

Ok, today we will have a look at more Photoshop Tutorials. Please feel free to suggest something that you would like to learn and I will see that I integrate it, I mean include it.

So, here are some excellent links to Photoshop Tutorials on some of my favourite Photoshop sites. We will select a tutorial from the links above to complete in class:

Photoshop Basic Tutorials

12 Beginner Tutorials on Mashable

Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

Before we go there I would like you to look at something inspiring:


I hope you enjoy of the rest of the class. And, Tom COD MW 3 rocks!!!

Note: We ended up doing the tutorial from Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners on the Liquify Filter (Ctrl+Shift+X or Filter>Liquify). That poor Ricky Martin image is become more and more ridiculous… lol