Create User Interfaces- Class 3

Inspired by photos by emlyn and clarita from

Inspired by photos by emlyn and clarita from

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Task – User Centred Design

Today we will focus on UCD or User Centred Design. UCD is also called Human Centred Design and is a way of designing interfaces and websites in general that places the user in the centre of all design efforts.

Please read the excellent text from W3C – Web Accessability Initiative and create a list of points (like a check list) that you can use to check if you have made the GUI user centred.

Assignment 1

I will check each student’s work for Assignment 1 (GUI Workshop) and provide feedback in class.

Please ensure to keep working on your assignment.

Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

Good morning Jennifer, Aylin, Blaine, Adrian, Lewis, Tom, Timothy, Dean, Tyler, Jordan, Daniel and Luke! I hope you are all well and enjoyed the Mindmap on Software!

Hang on… did I forget someone… of cause… welcome Sue and Simon…

and, hang on, help me out here Jennifer, who did I not mention???

Oh, no: how are you Rached!!!

Ok, today we will have a look at more Photoshop Tutorials. Please feel free to suggest something that you would like to learn and I will see that I integrate it, I mean include it.

So, here are some excellent links to Photoshop Tutorials on some of my favourite Photoshop sites. We will select a tutorial from the links above to complete in class:

Photoshop Basic Tutorials

12 Beginner Tutorials on Mashable

Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

Before we go there I would like you to look at something inspiring:


I hope you enjoy of the rest of the class. And, Tom COD MW 3 rocks!!!

Note: We ended up doing the tutorial from Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners on the Liquify Filter (Ctrl+Shift+X or Filter>Liquify). That poor Ricky Martin image is become more and more ridiculous… lol