Below you find the classes for Media III. You can click on the title Classes to see all the posts with instructions for your classes.

Please be advised that changes to the times and room locations may occur and check with your current timetable.

Media III

Wednesdays, Room i-102 – 9am – 12.30pm

This class will focus on these Unit of Competency:

  • CUVCOR08B Produce Drawings to Represent and Communicate the Concept
  • BSBCRT301A Develop and Extend Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • CUFIND301B Work Effectively in the Screen and Media Industries
  • CUFDIG303A Produce and Prepare Photo Images
  • CUSOHS301A Follow Occupational Health and Safety Procedures


Important: You need to submit all your assessments to your teacher. It is your responsibility to follow up due dates and that your teacher receives your work.

  1. Day1 Task VCAL VETiS – this task is a simple comprehension task to establish student participation. (due: after the first class)
  2. Assessment 1 – Endangered Species Campaign Due:9/10
  3. Assessment 2 – OHS Checklist Due:9/10
  4. Assessment 3 – Photography and Multimedia

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