Based on photo by hotblack from
Based on photo by hotblack from

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  • Hand in Assessment 1 by 11am
  • Assessment 2 Handout

Complete and Hand in Assessment 1

Your first assessment is due today and I will allow you to double check all the info rmation prior to handing it in. Check your answers with your team member. Make sure that all your details are listed (name and student ID). Upload the assessment on MyKangan.

Assessment 2

Create an operational plan for yourself. Pick a medium term goal for your career or education and list all the things that you need to plan for by answering the questions.

This can be done individually or in teams of 2.
Upload the assessment on MyKangan.

Due Date: 16/7/13

Assessment 2 – Cert IV PGA – Operational Plan

Below is an example of an approach to Assessment 2: Let’s say my overall goal is to learn Adobe Dreamweaver by 30 January 2014.

So, my clear objective would be to able to design a website in Dreamweaver with an interactive menu, a minimum of three linked pages (home, about us, portfolio) and images that upload. I will be able to include HTML, CSS, JavaScript or JQuery and XML elements.

Where am I now might be: my current Dreamweaver skills are very basic. I need to learn how to develop a web page to suit a specific layout. I need to learn how to add and link images, and add meta data to images. I need to be able to get a better overall understanding of the interface, at the moment I feel to intimidated by it.

The resources that I need are: a computer with Adobe Dreamweaver CS 6, the Internet, and an online tutorial site, eg Adobe TV, Digital Arts Online or Noupe.

I hope this gives you a bit of an idea, what is expected. Make it as realistic as you want.

Based on photo by hotblack from
Based on photo by hotblack from

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  • Today we will talk about what an organisation or business will look at when recruiting and inducting employees
  • We will have a guest speaker: Rao Diwakar. Assistant Manager of ICT at Kangan Institute
  • Work on Assessment 1
  • Guest Speaker on Thursday: Michael Ball, Manager of SSR at Kangan Institute

Recruiting and Inducting Employees

Finding suitable staff for a business is central for the success and often the survival of a business. The task of having to find the right person falls to a manager responsible for the operational side of a business. At an institute like Kangan it is the role of a department manager to find suitable candidates. Some organisations may have a more centralised approach and get their HR (Human Resources) department to conduct the recruitment.

An organisation needs to first establish what position is available. This will depend on their needs.

Their needs will be written down in form of a Position Description.  A position description will make the task of finding the right person for the job more streamlined. From the position description the recruiter will develop a set of Key Selection Criteria. Key selection criteria are the skills, attributes, knowledge and qualifications essential for satisfying the requirements of the job.

Almost every job vacancy will have a list of Key Selection Criteria attached to it. Applicants who fail to address those in their application will most likely fail at getting the job.

Finding the Right Candidate for a Job... - Photo AdamRiley from
Finding the Right Candidate for a Job… – Photo AdamRiley from

In Class Task

What job or career are you interested in? Do a job search on SEEKCareerOne, GumTree or MyCareer for a job advertisement. Try to find the Key Selection Criteria for that position.

You might to search for a moment and you are likely to only find an excerpt of the criteria, generally the full list is available on request. Bookmark the ad.

Class Discussion

Share the Key Selection Criteria of your job advert with the class. Pick one and describe in your words what it means. Do you think that you would suit that criterion?

Guest Speaker

Rao Diwakar makes operational plans and decisions as part of his work . He is so kind to share some of his knowledge on operational planning, creation of KPIs, recruiting and inducting employees and performance monitoring and management strategies. It is a great opportunity to ask him questions. So, try to get as much information of him and use the time well.

Assessment 1

The rest of class time will be used for you to work on assessment 1. It is due on 4/6. You do not need to make the answers up, you can ask experts and get them to supply you with the answers – it is a research assessment.

Assessment 1

This Thursday

We will have a third and final guest speaker on Thursday (during our EDSS class) to give us an insight into this topic. The guest speaker is Michael Ball, the manager of SSR (Student Support and Recreation). SSR has a different purpose to ICT and it will be very interesting to hear his focus on operational planning.

The three guest speakers should make the completion of the first Assessment a walk in the park.