Please work through the tasks below:

Please perform the tasks below. UEENEEE038B Participate in development and follow a personal competency development plan

Plan to achieve team outcomes –

Today I would like you to focus on how you can   identify, establish and document

  • the purpose of a team,
  • each team members roles,
  • their responsibilities,
  • the goals of the team,
  • plans and
  • objectives.

The overall purpose of this is the creation of a cohesive (unified and connected) team. Every team member should know what their role is and what he or she is working on.

Research the tools below that will help achieve team outcomes!

What is   an action plan and how does it differ from a to-do-list? (Online Resource:
Are action plans suitable for small or large projects? (Online Resource:
List the 3 steps in an action plan? (Online Resource:
What does SCHEMES stand for? (Online Resource:
Create an action plan for yourself and 2-3 other team   members! Pick a task that you need to do in real life, that involves some   planning and that requires you to work with others (eg family members). An example could be the renovation of a shed.

Make sure that you apply the 3 step approach and that   it clearly identifies the roles of each team member. Sub-divide the approach into the 3 steps and describe each in detail. (Duration 10 – 25mins)

Please e-mail me and keep a copy as proof of completion and upload the file to Moodle/ My Kangan.



Source: morgueFile, Photo by matei
Source: morgueFile, Photo by matei


Welcome to your online class in Develop Strategies to Address Environmental & Sustainability Issues in the Energy Sector.

I know that is a catchy title and has quite a ring to it… and this is your class in Italian:

Sviluppare strategie per affrontare le questioni ambientali e di sostenibilità nel settore dell’energia. You see, it sounds like an opera by Giuseppe Verdi now! … and for the record: YES! I used Google Translate…

This class has a 1hour contact scheduled, so you will be able to discuss issues with me in person. Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

This is the unit of competency text: UEENEEK132A_Develop Strategies & Sustainability in Energy Sector

Our focus for this unit will be to create an understanding of sustainability and how it relates to ICT. You will need to perform the various tasks, that you will find in every part. The parts basically relate to the weeks and will be updated weekly.

The unit will cover 2 main assessments, and smaller weekly tasks to underpin key information needed to complete and comprehend this unit. The will be a discussion forum and you will need to check in there from Week 3 onwards.

Assessment Day 1 Task

Please download task 1, place your responses in the blue boxes, do not forget to type your name and student ID (it happens often) and upload to MyKangan where it says ‘Submit task 1 here!’:

Assessment Task Class 01



Hi guys and welcome to your first class!

He loves OHS! - Photo by Karpati Gabor on morgueFile
He loves OHS! – Photo by Karpati Gabor on morgueFile

We will cover these units online and will have 1 hour of contact every Monday.

Please open the attached units as we will read through them together. I would appreciate if you try not to snore if you fall asleep.

UEENEEE137A Document and Apply Measures to Control OHS Risks Associated With Electrotechnology Work

UEENEEK142A Apply Environmentally and Sustainable Procedures in the Energy sector

UEENEEE038B Participate in Development and Follow a Personal Competency Development Plan

UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, Codes and Practices in the Workplace

After reading this interesting material please complete the attached document below and email it to me before the end of class.

Class 1 Assessment Task