This project below is used as part of a Media III project for a VCAL and VETiS group.

Develop a Campaign to Raise Awareness for an Endangered Species

Today we will look at a fictional project that you could easily turn into a real-world scenario: you will develop the outline of a Awareness campaign of an endangered species.

Image from morgueFile by lemai13
Image from morgueFile by lemai13

Step 1 – Research

First reseach what species are endangered. Spend 40 mins in class on the research. Collect your research in a digital format (Word or PowerPoint are fine). Why is the species endangered? What are the reasons?

You want to collect some information about the type of animal, its habitat and living conditions.

Look for data such as:

  • number of wild animals of that species
  • a figure to compare it to (eg in 1990 there were about 240,000, in 2009 there are an estimated 12,000 left.)

Step 2 – Create a Concept for a Fundraiser

Brainstorm a number of ideas for fundraisers or awareness raisers and platforms  that could be used for this purpose. A platform could be an online platform, such as a Social Media Site, or a magazine or other printed medium (poster).

Chose one main idea and describe it in your own words (include in your document).

Step 3 – Create a Visual for the Campaign

Create a basic visual, a flyer, poster, postcard or similar a banner that could be used on a website.

Include: A slogan, and three or more images.

When it comes to a slogan, I want to really dig deep and brainstorm ideas for a slogan. You want to consider

  • the plight, the struggle of the animal species and reflect that in that slogan as well as
  • the target audience that you are trying to reach – who do you want to reach?
  • the outcome that you are aiming for (eg Getting people to support an organisation with funds or sign a petition to a politician, or simply to learn and realise what is happening)

Upload Step 1 and 2 as pasted text here as a comment. Include your full name.


This site is very useful in the context of a campaign:

Endangered Species 1: Why Are Species Endangered?

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