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Today we will commence with student presentations on the 5 Classic Typefaces.

Make sure to understand the differences and to be able to visually distinguish between the typefaces. Use the image below as a reference:

Example of 5 Classic TypefacesSource: Designing with Type, J.Craig, I.K.Scala, 1971, 2006
Example of 5 Classic Typefaces
Source: Designing with Type, J.Craig, I.K.Scala, 1971, 2006

You will receive a basic testing task. Please complete the task in 10min.

Next we will move towards Type as a tool of communication. Follow the in class presentation and perform the 2 tasks at the end (view the attached presentation for tasks).

Here is a copy of the presentation:

Type in Context Class03

After our introductions and being able to appreciate each others company please have a look at these links below (that can be found on KI’s Library site –

We will visit the link on typography together and look at the Prezy presentation together.

Multimedia and design links as found on the KI Library site:


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Enter your search terms in the YouTube search window, e.g. 3d max

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Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Flash tutorials and resources

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Online Prezi presentation on fonts or better typography

Online resource of title sequence design, spanning the film, television, conference, and videogame industries

View the complete book here as wall as clips from his films and cartoons.

As selected by Mashable

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