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Photo by Seemann on

Photo by Seemann on

Today we will look at:

  • Create a PDF form (upload the example on MyKangan)
  • Assessment – Portfolio of in-class work

PDF Form

Upload the file below and create form fields using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Make all blue text fields, the name and date active.

Next fill all the data in and save and upload the file to MyKangan.

Due Date: 20/9

Sample Task

Assessment – Portfolio

STEP 1: In Photoshop or Illustrator create a PDF portfolio page like the sample. Dim: 1024 px x 1645px x 150 ppi (resolution). (These dimensions are more a guideline and you can vary it if you have a different idea for your layout)


  • 6 images from previous classes and your own work
  • add descriptions of the images: what tools and techniques did you use?
  • place a banner of your own work on top
  • a title (Portfolio of Work)
  • your name
  • save the file as a Photoshop PDF or Illustrator PDF

STEP 2: Create text fields in Adobe Acrobat Pro and add descriptions to your work. The descriptions need to state what tools and functions you used.

STEP 3: Save the final PDF and upload to MyKangan.

See example of Portfolio:

Photoshop Portfolio

Photo by matthewbridges on

Photo by matthewbridges on

Today’s class has been conducted on MyKangan. This is the title of the unit on MyKangan:

ICP40210-ICTPGA4N-PRIMU-2013-ICPKN315C-Apply knowledge & requirements of the multimedia sector

Photo by dharder on
Photo by dharder on

Please check for previous weeks and upload all the in-class tasks now.

Please download the assessment task and complete and upload before the due date.

Here is an attachment of that assessment, if you have questions please e-mail me or leave a comment.