Based on photo by xandert found on morgueFile
Based on photo by xandert found on morgueFile

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  1. Learning Needs
  2. Learning Styles
  3. Assessment 1
  4. Feedback

Learning Needs

Learning needs are the requirements that the learner needs to learn to pass a subject or to move to the next step.

So, a learning needs analysis is conducted to recognise the gap between the existing skills, knowledge and abilities and those that are needed for the level of education. Once this gap is determined, decisions can be taken as to the type of training required (if this is the preferred action) and the form of delivery.

By conducting a learning needs analysis, you can identify what features are needed in your e-learning game.

Write down the learning needs of your target audience? Start this point of with the desired outcome: what does the learner need to learn?

This is a good point to brainstorm. What is it that you need to expose your learner to?

Read more about Learning Needs at

Learning Styles

Every learner has a preferred style of learning. The majority of learners prefer a mix of learning styles.

Look up the link Learning Styles Online and discover which learning style is your preferred one.

Assessment 1

E-Learning Conceptual Layout of Screen:
E-Learning Conceptual Layout of Screen:

Assessment 1 – Research


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