C1 – Design Simple Webpage Layouts – Week 05

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Today’s Class

  • Dreamweaver – Session 3
  • Feedback

Dreamweaver – Session 3

We will continue the Dreamweaver training on Adobe TV’s Webdesign Channel.

Adobe TV – Learn Dreamweaver CS5 & CS5.5

After entering the Adobe TV site (link above) you should see an icon with resources at the top of the window. Download these and install on your D-drive.

Note: You will not see resources unless you have sign up with Adobe TV (for free).

Placing Images on the Page (7:44)

Creating Links in Dreamweaver (11:10)

Understanding Style Sheets (2:23)

Controlling CSS from the Property Inspector (5:21)

Using Live View and CSS Inspect (7:58)

Simplified Site Setup in Dreamweaver CS5 (5:43)


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