C1 – Design Simple Webpage Layouts – Week 04

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Today’s Class

  • Follow up
  • Dreamweaver – Session 2
  • Feedback

Follow up on Previous Assessment and Work

How has everybody faired with the Assessment on Accessibility? It is due today, so please upload in class.

Please upload in ICA40311-ICTITW4N-ITGEN-2013-ICAWEB414A-DESIGN SIMPLE WEB PAGE LAYOUTS (sorry about the lengthy code).

Dreamweaver – Session 2

We will continue the Dreamweaver training on Adobe TV’s Webdesign Channel.

Adobe TV – Learn Dreamweaver CS5 & CS5.5

Creating new documents (5:23)

Adding structure to text (8:36)

Managing Assets in Dreamweaver (13:13)

Placing Images on the Page (7:44)

We worked to Managing Assets in Dreamweaver. Please watch the last video before next class.


Please leave your feedback in form of a comment. Your feedback and suggestions will help me to make this blog more user friendly. Thanks!


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