Analyse Information + Assign Meta Tags – Week 2

Photo by dhester on
Photo by dhester on

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  1. Introduction
  2. Applying Meta Data in HTML
  3. Create an Image for a Web Page
  4. Email the Example
  5. Student Examples
  6. Feedback


Today we will look at how to create meta tags in HTML and where to place the information.

Applying Meta Data in HTML

Meta Tags for Web Pages

Create a HTML file with all the meta tags for:

  • keywords
  • description
  • author

Use the W3School’s TryItEditor or Notepad to write your code.

Follow this link to see how it is done: The HTML Head Element.

Save your html file and move to the next task.

Create an Image for a Web Page

Use photoshop to create a photo montage image like the one below.

Search for specific technique: Photomontage

Artform that became extremely popular in the early 20th Century. Particularly popular in German Expressionism and Dadaism. Click the images for links to the original images or sites:

Photomontage: Amir Ebrahim Photography

Photomontage: Amir Ebrahim Photography

Massive Attack - The Essential Mix

Massive Attack – The Essential Mix

Create the Image in Photoshop

Create a similar photomontage to the one above by Amir Ebrahim Photography. Find a photo to base it on and copy and paste layers and change the image colour and tone.

Make sure to apply the meta data to the final product before saving it as a JPEG and PSD.

Email the JPEG

Email the JPEG to me.

Student Examples

Below are examples by students:

to be posted


Please leave your feedback in form of a comment. Your feedback and suggestions will help me to make this blog more user friendly. Thanks!


  1. I like your images. Do you have a Photoshop tutorial available online to do something like that? Thx

    1. Thanks for your feedback. If you are refering to the photomontage/ mosaic of images, no. I did run a tutorial in class and will send you a response with a link if I publish a tutorial online.
      In the emantime I recommend to use a variety of layers and to play with the layer blending modes and the opcity settings of the layers to get a bit of variety into the appearance.

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