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Today’s Class

  • Units of Competency
  • Last Week
  • Social Web in HTML
  • In-class Task

Units of Competency

This class is a cluster of:

There will be one assessment delivered from:

  • ICAWEB413A Optimise Search Engines
  • ICAWEB424A Evaluate and Select a Web Hosting Service

Last Week

Last week we discussed aspects of social networking and how we relate to it. Let us look at the class discussion in the Forum on MyKangan. (The link requires for you to be signed into MyKangan).

Some of the discussion points and evaluations:


How interactive is the site?  The site is very interactive as a user can communicate with others through many ways (e.g messaging, chat, comments, statuses, posts, sharing media) 9/10

How intuitive is the navigation? Facebook isnt very inituitive, especially for beginners new users, there isnt really much of a tutorial on how to connect with friends, upload images, posts, etc. And the navigation is a little bit hard to use. 6/10

How responsive is the site (speed)? Facebook loads very fast on a desktop/laptop but i find it tends to be slow and laggy on a smart phone and can take awhile to load/refresh. 7/10

Advertisments: are there frequent ads, pop-ups or spam? The ads are all interesting to the user and related to a user’s “likes” (which could be books, movies, games, etc). 7/10

Visuals, layout and graphics: Facebook has a boring blue and white colour scheme, although the layout may be modern and clean it isnt very appealing, its too simple and boring. The website is very text based (especially if you have a lot of “friends” that post alot of statuses, etc), but it does have some images if someone has uploaded them. 4/10

Jesse’s verdict: 6.6/10

by Federico Viola – Thursday, 17 October 2013, 3:06 PM
Okay, I will try the 5 points on Facebook:
  1. How interactive is the site? Facebook is very interactive when it comes to interacting with other users. You can engage them in different ways from chatting to posting on their ‘wall’. I find the wall feature a bit corny and there is no wall anyway, so it is just a page in a text editing software. The fact that you can communicate with others, post songs, documents, videos, photos, graphics and links is excellent. Interactivity:9/10
  2. How intuitive is the site? Facebook is not very intuitive. When you are new to Facebook you do not quite know what to do. It is rather boring to look at and you cannot understand the navigation easily. You get better at it through experience. I would rate it: 5/10
  3. How responsive is the site? It is pretty fast. Mostly happy: 9/10
  4. Advertisements? I do not like ads, I hate pop-ups and that goes even more for spam. Facebook is good in regards to ads, their ads are targeted and generally of interest to me.8/10
  5. Visuals? What visuals? It looks like a text editor! Very boring in layout, in use of images and in colours: 2/10

Federico’s verdict: 6.7/10!

Linked In

  • Linked In is not very interactive because the site is now dated and the only interactions are when you email someone or they contact you.  The topics of interest are not very regular and there is not alot of activity on a daily basis. 6/10
  • The navigation is also dated and like many SNS sites it takes time to navigate around the site to get used to it. 5/10
  • Linked In site speed is fast and there is not a page load time problem. 8/10
  • Linked In doesn’t have ads although I have noticed that they are promoting ads like facebook style ads to appear in the near future.  All members have the ability to advertise their own business. 3/10
  • The visuals and graphics of Linked In are also dated and in need of an upgrade.  You cannot edit your own images to how you want them to look and the whole page layout is boring. 4/10
  • On Linked In you cannot search for a person unless you are logged in.  This makes it good for privacy reasons although if you want to use the paid version you can see who has been searching for you which seems to contradict the privacy aspects of Linked In. 5/10
  • Linked In is 80% text based and 20% images. 2/10

Paul’s verdict:  33/70!

Social Web in HTML

We will look at ways to include content in a Social Networking website and how to incorporate content from your website on another site.

You can use HTML to embed sound, video, websites and other objects.


Iframe is a command that allows you to embed a website or a video into a frame. Example for code:

iframe code

Screenshot of Iframe
Screenshot of Iframe

Read more about Iframes on W3Schools!

Iframe for YouTube Video

You can embed a YouTube video with Iframe:

This code can be found directly on the YouTube website by clicking on Share and Embed:

YouTube provides the code that allows you to embed the file. The video viewing size can be changed on YouTube.
YouTube provides the code that allows you to embed the file. The video viewing size can be changed on YouTube.

Read more about YouTube Iframe on W3Schools.

Embed Sound and Objects

Read more about embedding sound, video and objects on W3Schools: HTML Media  HTML Object  HTML Audio  HTML Video


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Today’s Class

  • Assessment 1 – Accessibility
  • Dreamweaver – Session 1
  • Feedback

Assessment 1 – Accessibility

We will read through this task together please click on the link to download the file. Follow the in-class discussion and make sure that you understand each question or ask the teacher in the presentation!

Assessment 1 – Accessibility

The assessment is due next week!

Dreamweaver – Session 1

We will commence Dreamweaver training. We will use the video tutorials provided on Adobe TV’s Webdesign Channel, but I would like you to open this online PDF to get you started: A Beginner’s Cookbook to Dreamweaver.

Adobe TV – Learn Dreamweaver CS5 & CS5.5

All numbers are the duration of the videos in minutes.

I do not expect that we will work past the 4th video, but students who are more advanced are welcome to work ahead.

Getting Started: What is Dreamweaver CS5? (3:23)

Note: Before you view ‘Defining a new Site’ create a folder with the name dw website and subfolder by the names: assets, CSS, images, notes, scripts and video.

Defining a new Site (4:42)

In class we worked up to here! We will continue with Dreamweaver next week.

Creating new documents (5:23)

Adding structure to text (8:36)

Managing assets in Dreamweaver (13:13)


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