C3 – CSS and Testing Procedures – Week 02

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Today’s Class

  • Last Week
  • Assessment Task 1
  • CSS Tutorial on W3Schools.com
  • Feedback

Last Week

Last week we started on CSS. What do you recall?

  • What is the use or benefit of CSS?
  • What colour models did we look at?
  • What ways are there to incorporate CSS (into HTML)?
  • What style of bracket is used in CSS?
  • What is the syntax of CSS?
  • Find the  colour hex code for the colour DarkRed.
  • Try to write down a CSS command for h1 to be in DarkRed using the colour hex code and make the font size 24px. Upload your code as a comment to this post – I will walk around and observe.

Assessment Task 1

Open the attached Word document and use it to keep track of your CSS learning in this class.

The purpose of this task is LEARNING and it should help you remember the code and information covered in class.

Assessment 1 CSS Tracking

CSS Tutorial on W3Schools.com

We will cover:

We worked to here in class!


Please leave your feedback in form of a comment. Your feedback and suggestions will help me to make this blog more user friendly. Thanks!


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