Multimedia Production – Class 3

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Today’s Class

  • Sorry, I will not be able to run this class in front of you. I did get very sick late last week and it is still holding on. As a result today’s class will be a pure online class.
  • Designing a Holistic Customer Experience
  • Completing last week’s Experience Planner
  • Design the experience for a product of your choice
  • Feedback


Designing a Holistic Customer Experience

Let us recapture some of last class:

  • When we plan for a multimedia production (or any type of production really) we should plan with the customer or user experience in mind. This means that we actually design the playground for the customer experience.
  • Good design tells a story!
  • What story will your design tell?

Completing Last Week’s Experience Planner

Please complete last week’s experience planner: Class-02-task – filled in partly after class 02.

Design the Experience for a Product of Your Choice

Now, try to apply the Experience Planner to a new product.

The new product can be a website: so, imagine a new website. Write down a few facts: name and purpose (be descriptive for the purpose), service/product (what will the user get from it), other aspects.

Apply the experience planner to this website! Give it a fair shot and complete all points! Take your time to do this and do not rush it like a task that is annoying, but savor it like a task that anticipates the pleasures that your future users will have.

Use the same template.


Please leave your feedback in form of a comment. Your feedback and suggestions will help me to make this blog more user friendly. Thanks!

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