Multimedia Industry – Class 4

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Today’s Class

  • Assessment Task 1
  • Feedback

Assessment Task 1

This assessment is an industry study. You will need to find businesses that you could see yourself work for.

Task 1:

Look into the yellow pages and collect details for 20 business:

  • List 10 businesses with a print or graphic design background
  • List 10 businesses with a digital media focus. Web, adverts, film and media

Make sure to have business name, type of business, contact details incl email and web address.

Task 2:

Develop a short questionnaire. Have a minimum of 10 questions. Your questions should be able to be answered on the phone or by e-mail.

The aim of your questionnaire is to

  • establish the chances for a Cert IV PGA Graduate and Diploma of PGA Graduate of finding employment and
  • find out what businesses in target industries are looking for in employees.

You can use the questions below to get you started.

What skill set are you looking for in an employee (eg Graphic Designer, Print operator…)
What soft skills are you looking for in a new employee?
In your expert opinion is your industry growing? Please describe (the sectors)!
I am [state your age] [gender] [currently studying a Cert IV in PGA at Kangan Institute]. Would I be able to find employment with you?
What advise do you have for me?

Task 3:

Interview 2 businesses (one from each group). You need to collect a contact person’s name and their job title. Aim for the highest up in a business. Write all the answers down. It might be a good idea to e-mail them the questionnaire, so that they read it as you ask them.

Make sure to check the spelling of names. Some people may get insulted if you misspell names.

Task 4:

Write a report with your opinion of your findings.


Hand everything in as a Word document. Include your full name and Student ID. Submit the final product on MyKangan.

Due Dates:

Task 1 + 2: 26/8//13 – We will work on it in class.

Tasks 3 + 4: 9/9/13


Please leave your feedback in form of a comment. Your feedback and suggestions will help me to make this blog more user friendly. Thanks!


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