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Today’s Class

  • The W3 Consortium
  • Screenshots from Week 3
  • Exercise
  • Assessment 1
  • Feedback

The W3 Consortium

This is quite a fancy name  and a Google search defines consortium as:

An association, typically of business companies. So, the World Wide Web Consortium is an organisation with the aim to make the WWW a useful tool for everyone. Their aim is to maintain a standardised Internet with standardised markup languages, such as HTML, XHTML, HTML 4 and now HTML 5.

Semantic Web

One of the aims of the W3 Consortium is to create and maintain a Semantic Web. This is the aim of converting the current web, dominated by unstructured and semi-structured documents into a “web of data”.

Screenshots From Week 3



Get together in 4 teams of 2 to 3.

Round 1 – 20mins

You will be the client.

Client team: use your set of questions from last week (or refer to the screen shots above) and establish what type of website you need (make it up). Write down a name for your business, a product, and establish the purpose of the website.

You will have 20 mins, so do not rush and be to the point.

Round 2 – 5 mins

You are the Web development team. Agree who will be the project manager and who will be the Web designer (don’t worry about the titles, it is just a role play.) For approximately 5 minutes agree on a set of questions that you want to ask a client. You only have 5 minutes, because you have developed the questions last week.

Round 3 – 30mins

2 teams are Web development teams, the 2 other teams are clients.

Web developers: ask all necessary questions and discover what your client needs. Make sure to be pro-active and to ask every question that will help you design their site.

Client: you only answer questions. You do not give information without being asked. Do NOT show your sheet to the Web developers.

Round 4 – 30mins

Swap sides. and do the same as round 3.

Round 5 – 20mins

Sketch a concept for the front page and label the different aspects and elements (colours, buttons, navigation, etc)


What were your experiences? What did you forget? Was it hard to include most of the information? Was it easy?

Screenshot 15Aug03
Screenshot 15Aug03
Screenshot 15Aug03
Screenshot 15Aug03
Screenshot 15Aug03
Screenshot 15Aug03

Assessment 1

Web Design Brief Template

Here is a final web design template by the DMA – the Digital Marketing Agency: Web Design Brief Template with important questions. Please make sure to look at the examples to help you with your

Assessment 1

Download this file: C1 – Assessment 1.

It is due in 2 weeks – Friday, 30/8/13 5:30pm.


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