Multimedia Industry – Class 3

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Today’s Class

  • Printing Methods – Teamwork
    • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Paper Finishes

Printing Methods – Teamwork

We will continue viewing the second presentation/s from last week by Hwan, Nawras and Maryam on: Web, Flexography and Digital Printing.

Paper Finishes

When completed we will look at more print related terminology. Please open the documents below, I will discuss them in class.

Today we will focus on paper finishes. Follow my in-class instructions.

Sources of information:

Print Related – Graphic Design School   MediaWorks-Chapter3

You might also visit the K.W.Doggett Site. The paper sample that I have brought in is from there.



Well, it is not much of a homework rather than following up on this class :

  • View the presentations of student works below
  • Read through the document: MediaWorks-Chapter3 – pages 2-6 (Page Layout Basics, Paper Stock, Printing Methods)  and write down any questions that you have for class

Student Work

Below are PowerPoint Shows by students researching Printing Processes:

Three Printing Methods by Annabel and Lylah

Three Printing Methods by ‘Hwan’ Sukanit R

Web Printing by Maryam C

Flexography by Nawras S


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