Multimedia Industry – Class 2

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Today’s Class

  • Printing Methods – Teamwork
    • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Paper Finishes

Printing Methods – Teamwork

Please complete a PowerPoint presentation for last week’s Word document on Printing Processes. Include all the processes mentioned in the file.

We will view the presentations at 10:15am.

NOTE: We did not commence on paper finishes today and will continue with it next week.

Lylah and Anabel presented Lithography, Screen Printing and Gravure.

Hwan, Nawras and Maryam will present next week: Web, Flexography and Digital Printing.

Paper Finishes

When completed we will look at more print related terminology. Please open the documents below, I will discuss them in class.

Today we will focus on paper finishes. Follow my in-class instructions.

Sources of information:

Print Related – Graphic Design School   MediaWorks-Chapter3

You might also visit the K.W.Doggett Site. The paper sample that I have brought in is from there.



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