Photoshop and PDF – Class 1

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Today’s Class

  • Introduction to Delivery Format
    • Looking at RAE
    • Looking at MyKangan
  • Introduction to the Content
  • In-class Task

Introduction to Delivery Format

This class will be delivered in 2 hour schedules every Monday morning . The content will be posted on this blog as well as on MyKangan. Tasks, discussions and research will be conducted inside the 2 hour slot and at home.

You are expected to work towards goals independently and to be able to operate as part of a team. In a work place you will sometimes be lucky to work with people that you easily get along with, but unfortunately you might often have to work with people that you might not easily get along with. A professional looks beyond this and finds ways to function in a professional environment with a range of personalities.


Important: You need to submit all your assessments on MyKangan. It is your responsibility to follow up due dates and access to MyKangan.

  1. Day 1 Task – this task is a simple comprehension task to establish student participation. (due: after the first class)
  2. Assessment 1 – Portfolio of Work (Interactive PDF)
  3. Assessment 2

RAE – Research and Exploration or Class of Federico

This blog will be or main form of contact. It will be accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

Make sure to explore the links when you have some free time. The best learning is done by yourself exploring and questioning.


MyKangan is Kangan’s content delivery platform for all classes. You will find all the content on MyKangan and as stated before: you will submit your assessments here.

To access MyKangan please open Kangan’s student portal and click on MyKangan. Next find the class by unit title. This can be a bit hard to see, so make sure to know the unit titles.

I will run you through this in person.

This is also where you will submit your assessments. You will find hyperlinks with names such as Submit Assessment  1 here.

You can send messages to your teacher and you can leave comments as well. I am always open to suggestions, so please feel free to forward ideas about content or software that you would like to cover.

Introduction to Content

These units will be covered:

Please click on the link to view the Unit of Competency Text. Please look over the text and at least read through the Elements to get an idea what you will learn in this class.

The CS5 Workspace (overview)

Please open this Link –CS5 Overview– of a 10 page PDF file (from Adobe Systems Incorporated 2010) in a new window.

On your screen find the application bar, the menu bar, the options bar, the document window, the tools panel as well as the other panels or palettes.



Activity:  Click on Window in the menu bar. (Here are all the panels and palettes that you can activate or deactivate.) Click on Navigator and see the palette becoming active. Next drag the Navigator palette to the very left of the  workspace or document window. Do the same with the Character Palette (this one is a bit harder to find and I leave it up to you to figure it out).
Next select New Workspace from the workspace switcher menu, name your workspace and tick the 2 boxes.

You have just created a new workspace for yourself. To get back to the standard workspace layout select Reset Essentials from the workspace switcher menu. Changing the workspace to suit your need can speed up your work and is more fun.

In-class Task

I would like to emphasise how useful the Adobe TV site is:

Please activate this link to a Adobe TV Tutorial: How To Get Started with Photoshop CS6 – 10 Things Beginners Want to Know How to Do  It will give you an introduction to Photoshop CS6 by introducing 10 functions. By the way: the shortcuts given are for Mac and if you want to use them on your PCs you need to use the Ctrl function instead of the twirly symbol.

Please do not expect to understand everything, it is an introduction. Try it out with any image that you have.

Your task: manipulate an image of your choice while viewing the video. E-mail me a copy (JPEG) of the original image and a copy of the image that you have manipulated. I do not expect any big changes, just have some fun with it and next week we will work on it together.

Thank you!


Please leave your feedback in form of a comment. Your feedback and suggestions will help me to make this blog more user friendly. Thanks!

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    18) What don’t you want on the website?(colours,fonts,look,feel,navigation……)
    19) Who will maintain the website?
    20) Is this your first website?
    21) Will the information be copyright?
    22) What name do you have in mind for the website?
    23) Are you aiming worldwide or regional?
    24) What due dates are we working towards?(completion dead line?…)

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