Media – BWE – Class 1

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Today’s Class

  • Introductions
  • Introduction to Delivery Format
    • Looking at RAE
    • Following Instructions on the White Board
    • Ask Questions
  • Introduction to the Content
  • In-class Task


Good morning and welcome to our first class! I hope you are relaxed to start our journey together and excited enough to get into the new topic. I will introduce myself to you and I would like to get to know you a bit as well. It is nice to be able to link a person’s name and face to a story.

So, let us start with that!

Introduction to Delivery Format


This class will be delivered in 4 hour schedules every Friday. You will find every class posted here on RAE (Research and Exploration) or just COF (Class of Federico). This blog isaccessible from anywhere as long as you have internet access. At the beginning of class check this blog to see what we are going to do for the class.

I will present tutorials and tasks in class and you can follow the tutorials on the white board. Please make sure to look at the white board when I present a tutorial. Afterwards I will ask you to repeat it on your computer.

Don’t worry though, we will do this at a good paste, so that you have time to do it yourself.

Ask Questions!

It is important to ask questions when learning a new topic. You cannot know everything, so I am happy for you to ask questions. I actually want you to ask.


Important: You need to submit all your assessments on MyKangan. It is your responsibility to follow up due dates and access to MyKangan.

  1. Day 1 Task – this task is a simple comprehension task to establish student participation. (due: after the first class)
  2. Assessment 1 – Create a 3D image in Photoshop
  3. Assessment 2 – Create a basic 3D animation

Introduction to Content

Over the first weeks of the class you will get and introduction to Photoshop CS6. We will have an overall look at the package. You will learn how to find your way around it, how to type text, how to place photos, how to add images and how to create 3D content.

Next, you will learn how to create a basic 3D animation. If time allows I might be able to show you some basic 3D modelling, which can be a lot of fun.

In-class Task

Please follow the in-class instruction. Create a basic image in Photoshop and save the image as a JPEG. E-mail the image to me.


Please leave your feedback in form of a comment. Your feedback and suggestions will help me to make this blog more user friendly. Thanks!

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