Visual Design Components – Class 6

Based on photo by dhester from
Based on photo by dhester from

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Today’s Class

  • Feedback on your Student Diary Cover for Assessment 1
  • Work on Student Diary Cover
  • Inspirations

Progress with Assessment 1

Please open your assessment 1 – Student Diary Cover; I will walk around and look at everyone’s progress.

You will receive feedback and be able to work on your assessment.

Inspirations for Assessment 1 – Student Diary

You want to visit and bookmark these two online resources:

Typographic images can be a strong visual treatment of thought and ideas someone may have. The thoughts could be made visual in a comic-like sense.

The Face by drfranken
The Face by drfranken, found on
What Time is it Now? by King_Bobbles
What Time is it Now? by King_Bobbles, found on Templates Blog


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