Visual Design Components – Class 5

Based on photo by dhester from
Based on photo by dhester from

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Today’s Class

  • Discuss your assessment progress with Assessment 1
  • Discuss your approach to your target audience
  • Inspirations

Progress with Assessment 1

Please open your assessment 1 – Student Diary Cover; I will walk around and look at everyone’s progress. Please open up anything you have done.

I would like to see some ideas and concepts at this stage, a description of the target audience and possibly you might have started on the project in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. I will spend approximately 20 mins on this.

Inspirations for Assessment 1 – Student Diary

Swiss International Style – an iconic style of graphic design from the 1950s, strongly influenced by the ideals of the German Bauhaus – Click the image for a Google search on Swiss Style:

Swiss International Style Screenshot Google

Swiss International Style
Swiss International Style

Constructivism – The immensely graphic art and propaganda style of Communist Russia, or to be more precise, of the Soviet Union. Early 1920s – 1940s. Click the image for a Google search on Constructivism:


Vietnamese Propaganda Posters – this is a particular style popular in Communist Vietnam. Visually very flat with the use of rich patterns and stunning in colour scheme. I feel very attracted to this style. Vietnam particularly in 1960s and 1970s. Click the image for a Google search on Vietnamese Propaganda Poster:

Vietnamese Propaganda Poster
Vietnamese Propaganda Poster

Photomontage – Artform that became extremely popular in the early 20th Century. Particularly popular in German Expressionism and Dadaism. Click the images for links to the original images or sites:

Photomontage: Amir Ebrahim Photography
Photomontage: Amir Ebrahim Photography
Massive Attack - The Essential Mix
Massive Attack – The Essential Mix
Couple found at
Couple found at
ruthworkx -
ruthworkx -
Mosaic of Sofia Coppola - by Maurizio Galimberti -
Mosaic of Sofia Coppola – by Maurizio Galimberti –
Photo Montage by SGlider12 on - Click image for great Gimp tutorial
Photo Montage by SGlider12 on – Click image for great Gimp tutorial

Assessment 2 – Design a GUI

This assessment covers this class for these units: Create Visual Design Components and  Analyse Information and Assign Meta-Tags and Create A User Interface.

Due Date: in July

Design a Graphic User Interface. You can choose to design for a Website or App.

First: think about a project. What do you want the GUI to be for? Think about a client scenario, who is your client and what is the purpose of the site or app? What do you want the user to do after visiting it?

Develop sketches and refine your design in Photoshop.

You will need 4 pages (example Website: home, about us, portfolio, …)

Make sure to include:
Platform consideration – basically decide on the output platform and write it down
Dimensions – at what size will the user view your GUI?
Target Audience – Visit class 3 for ‘Visual Design Components’ for ideas on how to develop your target audience.
Influences – ‘screenshot after screenshot’, capture screenshots of influences, look up sites that influenced you.
UCD considerations, design your GUI around User Centred Design considerations
Follow a step by step approach for your design process – Visit class 2 for ‘Visual Design Components’ for examples of a design process

You will need to supply original photos taken by you! Each photo needs meta-data assigned to it. Include photographer details, tags, image title, copyright statement. Include a folder with the edited images with meta-data.

Tutorial9 - Glossy Reflection
Tutorial9 – Glossy Reflection

Glossy Reflection Tutorial

Follow the in-class presentation of this tutorial The 5 Essential Photoshop Reflections or complete it yourself.


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