Visual Design Components – Class 2

Based on photo by dhester from
Based on photo by dhester from

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Assessment 1 – Design of a Student Diary Cover

See the Brief: 2014_Cover comp guidelines

It is important to apply the steps of the design process when designing. Jumping on a computer and creating whatever comes to mind excludes your ideas and limits you to what you are able to do with the software.

Make sure to include steps that allow you to analyse the project (Project Outline), research the topic, generate ideas (brainstorming, using Kickcard method, using spider grams, creating a Metaphorical Analysis, The Inverse, sketch, doodle, etc) and discuss them with someone else on the project (eg teacher, friend or other student). You want to sketch and label your ideas.

Now refine them and work them on the computer.

Use the examples below as a step by step design process (the second one is more Web design focused, so ignore any coding references):

Design Process – Graphic Design    Design Process – Web Design

Make sure to write more about the Target Audience than just a sentence. I have attached an example of my own work. The Target Audience is for a Photography website: Example Profiling Target Audience

Note: You will receive an assessment cover sheet.


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