Create Texture in Photoshop


Photo by photojock on
Photo by photojock on

Content for Today’s Tutorial

  • Create Metal Texture
Example in Century Gothic  The second one with a Photo Filter in 25% blue
Example in Century Gothic
The second one with a Photo Filter in 25% blue

Metal Texture

This tutorial is about creating a stainless steel texture with a brushed surface (similar to the image above) and apply it to a line of text.

Step 1:

Create a new document (Ctrl+N) and use these settings:

  • Preset: Web
  • Size: 1280 (w) x 1024 px (h)
  • Resolution: 72 ppi

Step 2:

Use the Type Tool (T) and using capitals, type a word that relates to metal (the material) or signifies strength. You could even choose the name of a Metal band. I choose the word: ROYAL.

  • Font: Pick a Sans Serif, eg Century Gothic
  • Dimensions: something that fills the page, eg 280 pt, or use the Free Transform (Ctrl+T) to adjust the size.

Step 3:

Select the shape of your word, create a new layer and fill the selection with 50% Grey, then with Noise.

  • Hold Ctrl and click on the thumbnail of the Text layer (in the layer panel) to select the shape of the text
  • Create a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N)
  • Fill the selection with 50% Grey – Press Shift+F5, Select Grey at 50%
  • Fill the selection with Noise: Filter>Noise>Add Noise
    Amount: 100%, Distribution: Gaussian, tick Monochromatic

Step 4:

Apply Motion Blur

  • Apply Motion Blur Filter>Blur>Motion Blur
  • pick an angle that appeals to you (eg horizontal = angle:0)
  • Distance: pick a distance that creates long lines (I used 48 px)

Step 5:

Fill the text with 50% Grey. The edge of the text has become a bit see through.

  • Press Shift+F5
  • Select Grey at 50%
  • Select Behind for the Blending Mode

Step 6:

Use Curves to lighten the image up a bit.

  • Ctrl+M or Image>Adjustments>Curves
  • Manually adjust the curve

Step 7:

Use Bevel&Emboss to add depth to the text.

  • Double-click on you Type layer (around the title, not on the title – this should open the Layer Style/Blending Options.
  • Select Bevel/Emboss and change the settings
Bevel & Emboss - just an example
Bevel & Emboss – just an example

Step 8:

Save it as a PNG and try the same with a variety of (=5) different fonts.

When complete combine all the fonts on a page for presentation.


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