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E-Learning found on:
E-Learning found on:

Assessment 2

Upload the File: Assessm2_PGA CertIV_v2


In groups of three develop an E-learning resource that allows local prep children to improve their understanding of the English Alphabet (primary aim of project). The tool should allow the children to have as much exposure to the letters as possible. You will need to develop concepts that explore letter recognition and recreation.

The secondary scope of the project is for the children to learn to type the letters in a QWERTY keyboard.

Team Work

You are required to team up in a team of up to 3 students. There is the option to work alone, but you need to inform me and get confirmation. If your name is not in the list below you need to inform me about the people in your team. Send a message to this blog with names of all the team members.

1 – Goals of the Learning Resource

The overall goal describes what the learner will be able to do after completing the instruction. What will the learner learn?

This could be:  how to write the alphabet, to sing songs in Italian, how to draw animals.

2 – Content of the Learning Resource

The content describes what will be taught in order to achieve the objectives. What content will you include in the resource? This is just a list of points.

This could be:  the alphabet will be available in different styles, animal shapes, as fruits, or the lyrics of Italian songs will be supplied, sketches of animals and photos of animals.

3 – Methods of instruction

The methods of instruction describe how the content will be taught. This is about the specific tools, that you want to use. Mention the use of supportive tools such as sound. Will there be a narrative (a story) told by a voice over or a character (eg a teddy).

How is the learner informed about what to do? What types of instructions are available?

This could be: using video resources to explain the alphabet with sing-along-songs, writing the alphabet on a touch screen by following the shape of the alphabet.

This could be:  individual letters of the alphabet need to be drawn with the finger, the singing is matched up against the original song, the shapes of the animals can be traced with the finger.

4 – Concept for the Interface

Develop the interface as a sketch in pen, pencil or mixed media. Add arrows to describe functions and colours. Scan your concept sketches and final sketch.


This project needs to be submitted in digital paper format, either as a PDF, PowerPoint presentation or a Word document. Include your sketches.

Upload the file to MyKangan.

Due Date:

23/April 2013      

Example of interface interaction - Source:
Example of interface interaction – Source:

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Sustainability Assessment Task

Please check today’s entry on MyKangan for this class the Sustainability component of the Online Class.

Source: morgueFile, Photo by matei
Source: morgueFile, Photo by matei

Today’s online class looks at how to integrate sustainable work practice into a print business in Victoria. Use the links provided or research independently:  Greenfinder | Printers on Greenfinder |Thegreendirectory | Sustainability Victoria |

Please complete the attached file and upload it to MyKangan.

Class 07 Task – Online Units