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Create a simple web page for a small fishing village that would be a beautiful spot to visit.

Photo by dieraecherin on morgueFile
Photo by dieraecherin on morgueFile

Specs for site:

  • Think of a colour scheme that suits the theme of a maritime, small seaside port and apply this colour scheme to the web page
  • Title: name of your town or name of web page in title (how it will be displayed in the title bar of the web browser)
  • Heading: (H1 in Helvetica) This can be an enticing heading or the name of the town and the country (or state)
  • Photo by dieraecherin on morgueFile
    Photo by dieraecherin on morgueFile

    Text: (p in Gill Sans) This is a write up about your little town. Feel free to borrow from the text below based on Apalachicola, Florida and borrowed from a SmarterTravel:
    Name, Country
    Population: 2,231 The Catch: Oysters, shrimp, redfish, mullet
    In its 19-century heyday, this northwestern [name of country] town was the third largest port of the Gulf of [name]. Today more than 900 historical homes and buildings remain. Old net factories and ship chandleries are now trendy shops, restaurants, and galleries; meticulously restored homes are B&Bs. But [name of town] is hardly a polished tourist area like nearby [name] Island. Nearly half of the hardworking locals wear rubber oyster boots around town. They harvest oysters (90% of those sold in [name of country]) by hand with large tongs in small wooden skiffs. Spend an afternoon on the beach, kayaking the Forgotten Coast barrier islands, or at the 1921 Dixie Theatre.  Local Eats: Hole in the Wall Seafood & Raw Bar serve some of the freshest local oysters, and the popular buttermilk pie sells out almost daily. For a table overlooking the [name] River, try Owl Cafe or Boss Oyster.

  • A table of 3 x 3 images (each square 200px x 200px or 250px x 250px) found on morgueFile cropped in morgueFile and transformed into HTML. Copy the HTML code and insert the link to the photo into your HTML file.
  • List of ten reasons to visit the seaside town (make them up and make them fun)
  • Use the TryIt Editor to edit the file and then save your file with TextEdit (or Notepad) as a  HTML with the text set as Plain Text and UTF-8.
  • Test your HTML file with a minimum of 2 browsers
  • Upload your HTML file to MyKangan! ► ICP40210-ICTPGA4N-PRIMU-2013-ICAWEB429A