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Finally we will get started in using Adobe Illustrator. We will be working with Illustrator CS5.

Today’s class will cover a basic Illustrator introduction:

Note: All shortcuts for the Mac need to use command for Ctrl and option for Alt

  • Basic Shape Tools – Rectangle (M), Ellipse (L), etc
  • Selection Tool (V)
  • Direct Selection Tool and how to move Anchor points
  • Fill and Stroke (X) and how to swap colours, change colours etc
  • Type Tool (T) and the Character Panel (Ctrl+T)
  • Outline Text (Shift+Ctrl+O)
  • How to Align (Shift+F7) and Distribute
  • Pathfinder (Shift+Ctrl+F9) and particularly Unite and Minus Front

Task on paper and in Illustrator:

Afterwards you will receive a task that will focus on creating, manipulating and morphing a word according to its meaning.
During this exercise concentrate on and carefully consider the word. What is its meaning and how can you use typography to convey it?

Step 1: Choose two words from the list below:


Step 2: 

Brainstorm the meaning, synonyms, visual ideas and any concepts that explain the word. Do this on paper and spend a minimum of 10 mins on a word and really dig deep in regards to how to visualise the meaning and feel.

Example: Organisation might be related to grid, rhythm, same colour, repetition, stacking, clusters, military, direction, unity, lack of individuality, mathematical, number related, folders, drawers, etc.

Step 3:

Create the word image in Illustrator. Call the document Type_Class4_yourname_word1 ( Type_Class4_FedericoViola_word1).

Dim: A4, Landscape, 3 Artboards

Task_New Document

Step 4/ Homework:

Create a new word! Make it up and give it a meaning that only you know. Give the word visual meaning. The other students will have a try at understanding the meaning from your visuals.

Exercise has been inspired by exercise in Graphic Design School, David Dabner, Sheena Calvert and Anoki Casey, 4th edition 2010