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Welcome to your second class. I don’t know about yourself, but I actually get pretty excited about HTML. Today we will focus on:

  • the use of Cascading Style Sheets – short CSS (W3Schools-CSS)
  • head elements in a HTML file (W3Schools-Head)
  • how to view HTML code of a website
  • use of html code in a blog (example: WordPress)
  • creating a good folder structure in HTML

The last 3 points will be covered in class.

We will again use the site and their TryIt Editor. We will use the Mac specific TextEdit editor to write the HTML and CSS code.

Please follow the instructions in your Class 2 task sheet below:

HTML Class 02 Task

  • All questions related to the Head section of an HTML file can be researched at W3Schools-Head
  • All questions related to CSS can be researched at W3Schools-CSS

Good folder/file structure is paramount in web design. It is a beginner’s mistake to upload a website with all its content and to find that files do not link, eg images do not load. The link below has a good explanation on folder structure:

Simplify File Structure for Dummies

Other useful links:

HTML Dog – this site is a well written and well structured resource with many HTML and CSS tutorials! A must visit!!!