This week you will have two tasks, please check for a second task by the end of the week. The focus of this week is (how to) Promote team effectiveness.

You will closely work with this excellent online resource: Make sure to bookmark it, it will prove useful on many occasions.
Download the task below. Complete it and e-mail a copy to me (see e-mail in document). Upload the document to MyKangan (Moodle) and keep a copy of the completed task.

Class Task 1 Week 2 – Online Units

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Today we will commence with student presentations on the 5 Classic Typefaces.

Make sure to understand the differences and to be able to visually distinguish between the typefaces. Use the image below as a reference:

Example of 5 Classic TypefacesSource: Designing with Type, J.Craig, I.K.Scala, 1971, 2006
Example of 5 Classic Typefaces
Source: Designing with Type, J.Craig, I.K.Scala, 1971, 2006

You will receive a basic testing task. Please complete the task in 10min.

Next we will move towards Type as a tool of communication. Follow the in class presentation and perform the 2 tasks at the end (view the attached presentation for tasks).

Here is a copy of the presentation:

Type in Context Class03