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Hello and welcome to your first Friday class. This class will be focussing on Adobe Photoshop CS5 and the creation of a PDF file.

You will be expected to work in a blended learning context. You will receive instructions in class and complete tutorials and tasks outside class. Class time will be used to answer your questions and work on projects.

We will commence the class with some information on file formats. Please open the attached PDF file. This file has descriptions on file formats.

Class 01 – file formats

Afterwards complete the file below.

Class 01 Task_Photoshop

On completion of these tasks we will have a break! After the break I will organise you into 4 teams and get you to take a range of portrait/full portrait photos of each other and landscape shots of backgrounds.

There will be 2 Canon 1309 (10Mp) and 2 Canon PowerShot A560 (7.1MP) available from the library in building C. You can also use your mobile phone to take some of the pictures.

Shot List:

10 Full portraits (serious, thoughtful)

10 backgrounds with person in front. (Arrange camera so that the Rule of Thirds applies)

When taking the photos I would like you to consider:

Framing: When framing the picture, try to fill the frame with relevant and interesting elements.

 Emphasis: Include a focal point of the photograph, a subject that is emphasized.

Angle of view: Take pictures from the subject’s eye level to capture it realistically, or change the angle to alter the point of view.

Balance: Create a sense of weight for the elements within the frame; some objects will have a large sense of weight and some will have a small sense of weight.

Rule of thirds: Offset your picture to help focus the viewer’s eyes on the subject.

Close-ups: Take close-up pictures to capture details and highlight specific objects.

Tone and sharpness: Use light and shadow to focus attention on or draw attention away from your subject. Have your subject in focus and blur the extraneous elements to draw viewers to the subject.

Arrangement: Remove objects not essential to the composition, or eliminate them by changing the camera’s perspective.

Return to class by 3pm.

Homework: Watch the Lynda Tutorial Introducing the Photoshop CS5 Interface.

Thank you for your work!