From your Drawing Task – 20/9/12

The text is directly taken from today’s drawing task. Complete on the sheet handed out (not in here):

Please complete all the tasks below. This is a chance to see your drawing progress and a chance for me to check that you are doing your daily 10mins of sketching at home!
Use a HB, B or 2B pencil. You have 25 minutes.

1. How many hours did you spend on your homework (doing the drawing exercises) since last class? If you did not draw at all write 0. You will not be marked down.
2. Draw a minimum of 30 curved and straight lines varying your line strength. Copy the examples and create your own.

3. Draw 20 circles with varying line thickness.

4. Draw both examples to below. Good luck!

5. Draw the example for a modern seating concept (about 6 times):

6. Draw the revolver in side profile and at a 3/4 view.

Revolver, courtesy of: http://simage1.sportsmansguide.comM1873 Replica, courtesy of Ebay

If you have not completed these in class please complete asap and hand in to me.

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