30/8/12 – Thursday  (11am – 2pm)


Last week’s homework was:  Commence the moodboard at home and draw for a minimum of 10mins daily!

  1. Check students’ homework
  2. Drawing Task
  3. Moodboard using Photoshop
    Create a Moodboard using the following steps:

    1. Create a folder for your images by the same name
    2. Find all images and inspirations using the internet, your environment and your camera or mobile as well as books and other printed material and scan the images
    3. Save all images in images folder (this is obvious, but it is very common that images are somewhere on a USB)
    4. Place images (File>place) and adjust size, position and angle (always use Shift to maintain correct proportion) and confirm with Enter
    5. Work with Layers (each image should have a layer). Place will automatically create a layer
    6. Use the Move Tool (V) in combination with the Auto Select button, to be able to select objects and layers by clicking on it.
    7. Work with Layer Blending Modes (in the Layer palette)
    8. Use Selection Tools – Quick Selection, Magic Wand and Polygonal Lasso Tool (experiment with Refine Edge function)
    9. Work with Masks – select what you would like to have visible and click on the Mask button (bottom of Layer palette) – or to make the non-selected part visible press Alt + Mask button
    10. Use the Mask Edge or Refine Mask Edge function (Mask Palette>Mask Edge button) to improve the finish of your selection
    11. While in mask mode work with Brush Tool (B) to either hide or make visible
    12. I will look at your progress in class! J


Sketch for 10 mins every day. Practice:

  1. Straight lines, 10 equal space, 10 at increasing spaces
  2. Squares & squares within squares & circles within squares
  3. Circles & circles within
  4. Circles sliced
  5. Ellipses, row of ellipses with increasing size
  6. Boxes with ellipses
  7. Hands

Create a Styleboard
Create a styleboard in Illustrator for your main character
Include labels and pointers/arrows. Use these examples to guide you: The Dweller Fancy Pants The Chameleon