Cert IV in IDM – Class 4


16/8/12 – Thursday  (11am – 2pm)

  1. Commence with drawing practice
    1. Straight lines, 10 equal space, 10 at increasing spaces
    2. Squares & squares within squares & circles within squares
    3. Circles & circles within
    4. Circles sliced
    5. Ellipses
    6. Boxes with ellipses
  2. Sign up with www.prezi.com
  1. Students put their 5 concept pages and text in a Prezi presentation
  2. Show presentation


  1. Complete your concepts
  2. Scan your concepts
  3. Place sketches, text and research in Prezi presentation
  4. Draw for 10mins per day (use drawing practice above – point 1-6)

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