CLASS 1 – 26/7/12 – Thursday  (11am – 2pm)

 Talking about the break

Introducing units of competency

  1. Students had to perform/commence the following task- they were at an imaginary function held by Bioware, who was holding a competition to offer employment to a young designer. The job would go to the person, who would best respond to:
    1. Think of your favourite game character and design an offspring. We are interested in an exciting addition of personality and criteria. The offspring needs to be clearly related to the parent, yet needs to have interesting characteristics, that make for a deep gaming experience.
    2. Write a brief based on the verbal instruction
    3. Define the target audience
    4. Research the existing character
    5. Brainstorm characteristics and traits for offspring (we are interested in visual traits)
    6. Develop 5 pages of thumbnails and character development sketches
    7. Students e-mail works with all names and dates and (if ready) sketches
    8. 5.       HOMEWORK: Continue the task


16/8/12 – Thursday  (11am – 2pm)

  1. Commence with drawing practice
    1. Straight lines, 10 equal space, 10 at increasing spaces
    2. Squares & squares within squares & circles within squares
    3. Circles & circles within
    4. Circles sliced
    5. Ellipses
    6. Boxes with ellipses
  2. Sign up with
  1. Students put their 5 concept pages and text in a Prezi presentation
  2. Show presentation


  1. Complete your concepts
  2. Scan your concepts
  3. Place sketches, text and research in Prezi presentation
  4. Draw for 10mins per day (use drawing practice above – point 1-6)